Sunday, May 13, 2007

Currently unemployed

I miss college alot. Although I didn't mingle a lot with with college mates and getting good grades seemed was the only world to me, yes I miss college. Going to class gives me a sense of purpose. Thinking back, I had to summon a strong will to get out from bed to attend a morning class. Yet I know what purpose I had the next day I woke up. My juniors had already started new semesters earlier this week. I have the temptation to join their classes.

The other thing that I miss most is a friend whom I knew since I entered college. I know I'm going to miss our moment sitting at the chinese coffee shop for hours, spilling our guts about the bad day we're having, ordering & sharing our "cham-pink".

As two of my classmates agreed about themselves, that they felt "I do not belong here", I agreed with them. Who knows I miss college now?

I guess I need some time to move on in this transitional period.

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